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“A lot of people come here, and they see the competition against other people from different areas where they live. There’s a lot of pride when you play, so people try to do their best. Yet everyone gets along with one another. It’s not a trouble scene. We get together and have fun.” – Marcel, Street2Street Kid

“It has improved things, because usually when I play basketball I’m a hot head. I have anger issues, but Street2Street says I gotta cool down. I always listen to the people they bring to talk with us. They talk about God and the stuff they went through in life. Everybody goes through stuff in life and they need somebody older to give them advice.” – Vintage, Street2Street Kid

“It’s different from playing ball in the neighborhood. When you come here it’s competitive, but it’s a friendly environment as well. It’s different to come out here in a different borough and play with people from all around, and for those people to be courteous and nice to you, too.” – Ahmed, Street2Street Kid

“It changed my way of thinking. I’m optimistic now and have hope for the future. It’s great.” – Marc, Street2Street Kid

“I’ve always had a bent towards helping kids and inner cities. There is such a tremendous need for real, personal, one-on-one impact with kids. What Street2Street does touched me.” – Ed Gurak, Street2Street Board Member

“Listening to the kids and hearing how inspired they are about what is going on is tremendous. This program is meaningful to them.” – Mark Borst, Street2Street Board Member

“All three of my kids have been involved in Street2Street. It has enhanced them to see how they can help others and meet their needs.” – John Corcoran, Street2Street Board Member

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